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Mold is caused by continuous moisture or trapped moisture that has no way to dry correctly. Mold is most commonly found 

in water sources like behind and under cabinets, vanities, and even exterior walls . Mold will appear anywhere there is an 

area that has been wet continuously, and not dried correctly. The first step homeowners should make is call a professional 

water removal company ( Affordable Water Mitigation & Home Services) out to assess affected and surrounding areas.

There are always those do it your self homeowners that end up calling us when  they find out they didn’t quite dry home

The correct way and their home is now contaminated with growth and salvaging affected items like cabinets., carpet, wood

flooring ext. is now not applicable. When you ever see visible growth or suspect you and your family might be breathing toxic

(Mold)  Call us ASAP ,

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