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Home Services

100% Quality Service

A+ Water Mitigation offer's 24-hr emergency services with a 1 hr response. We will arrive, extract assess,

dry and restore your home to its original state or better. Our Pro Water Damage team is knowledgeable

of procedures needed to completely dry your home with no possibility of mold occurring from water intrusion.

Our affordable water mitigation team works with all insurance companies providing pictures.

moister readings. and everything will be handled on your behalf, We Work for you!!!!!

Our Water  Mitigation Services

We offer reliable water mitigation and restoration services to 

Houston and surrounding areas. 

A+ is always available for the biggest task.  Read More

Sewage Backup

Cat 3 is our term for this type of water intrusion. This water contains contaminants that are not safe

 to touch or inhale.If you have a leaking upstairs toilet that has affected a downstairs ceiling, call A+. 

If you have had a sink, tub/shower, or toilet backup that has affected your cabinet, flooring, or walls call us ASAP.

  If you have had any outside water that has affected your exterior walls and interior of your home call us ASAP. 

We are available 24/7.

Tub Overflow

When you or a loved one accidentally leaves the water running in the tub, call for our professional

services right away. Some customers just don't respect the real damage water can cause. 

We have been called to damages weeks after the loss to find mold, buckling 

wood floors and horrible smelling carpet. A+ will come out to assess your problem for free. 

We will give you an affordable cash price or call your insurance company for you. 

A+ will give you our professional advice on how to handle your claim . 

Affordable Water Mitigation is your smartest choice to get your home back !!!!!

Pipe Burst

A+ Water Mitigation tip. If you own an older home, have a professional plumber check your plumbing

frequently. If you leave your home unattended for day's at a time, cut your water off. 

We have had calls where the customer went to sleep and awoke to standing water in their brand

 new home. Our techs are on all and ready to get your home back normal. 

Call 832-217-7303 or email us at  .

Our supervisors will contact you to get details of damage and dispatch personnel and equipment needed.

Our team of experts also handle the following  water remediation services :

•Toilet Overflow

•Slab Leak

•Water Heater

•Flood Damage

•AC Leak

We handle any water intrusion that will cause your home to mold.

Water Extraction / Water Removal

We promptly start water extraction upon arriving; the longer the water is allowed to stay, 

the more damage it will cause. 

Our team comes prepared with appropriate extraction tools for the job.

•Truck Mounted Extraction

•Portable Extraction Unit

As soon as the water is extracted, our team members will begin our water damage assessment. 

Once the assessment is complete we move to the second phase of water damage remediation. 

Structural Drying

A+ Water Mitigation thoroughly assesses all water intrusions by checking all adjacent areas of damage. 

A+ has moister meters that will alert our technicians, and we will determine water migration and evaporate moister.

We will also evaporate standing water by using the latest and best equipment needed to dry affected areas ASAP.   

• Hard Wood Floor - We can save.

•Cabinets - We can save

• (Particle Board) - won't recommend

• Carpet - We can save

•Drywall - We can save

Mold Removal And Prevention

Texas homeowners may be subjected to a greater possibility of mold simply because of our climate. 

With the intrusion of water from any leak, if not professionally and properly handled, your home will be infected. 

The air quality that you and your children inhale is very important to us. 

If the investment that you will eventually leave to your loved ones is essential to you.

 Call a company that will assess for free and gives an affordable price. 

A+ffordable Water Mitigation & Home Services is your Smartest Choice !!!!!!

•Fire And Smoke Damage

A+ has a cleanup crew that can't be matched. Fire Damage  will require extensive cleaning and replacement

of insulation and all soft items. Every item, large or small, will have to be wiped and cleaned.

A+ is always ready for the biggest task,"guaranteed"!!!!

Why Hire A+

A single technician of ours is equivalent to 2-3  technicians of our competitors when it comes to

work-ethics , knowledge, and experience. If you are not happy with our performance and  it turns

out that the technician is at fault, our work will be free of charge.

We believe in creating happy customers, one customer at a time. You are welcome to call us to witness our techs 

performance first hand. Once we have completed your requested service, we request that you rate us on the service provided.

A+ Home Services is the smartest choice to get your home back after experiencing water or fire damage.

Water damage can be extensive unless you act promptly and call  A+ professionals. We are proficient when it comes to

water damage restoration, residential water damage repair, commercial water damage repair, residential drywall installation,

commercial drywall installation, and water extraction. You can count on us for sewage repair, sewage cleanup, 

and emergency water removal. Get in touch with us to learn more about our Home Services Department.

For details, please feel free to call us at 832-217-7303 or email us at

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